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A small village near Bagsara, Saurashtra, Rafala found itself in the limelight recently as it received the title of 'Golden Village', bringing pride to Gujarat and its government. A small area with only a 1000 people to account for, the entire village is painted in gold and boasts of several visitors. Credit for the transformation of the village goes to social activist and leader Savjibhai Kurjibhai Vekaria Rafala celebrated a three-day festival starting on October 31 which is also celebrated as Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti.
After investing 2 years of his life in the village, Savjibhai successfully carried out approximately 23 schemes. After attaining his higher secondary education in Amreli, he went to Surat in 1988 and established a company named Hindustan Twister. He also began to deeply involve himself in public services. It was by this time that Savjibhai dreamt of a brighter, modern, and evolved Rafala. He wanted to pay homage to his... <-- Read More -->

Shri Savjibhai Vekariya